SPInka Film Studio is a production company with years of experience, specializing in film and television production. We have produced internationally acknowledged theatrical films, animated movies for children and short television and internet forms.

We also specialize in 2D, 3D animation and special effects.
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TV Programmes

W iluzjonie

W Iluzjonie

W Telewizji Kino Polska pełne uroku komedie, wzruszające melodramaty i największe przedwojenne gwiazdy co tydzień prezentuje widzom wytrawny znawca filmu przedwojennego, Stanisław Janicki. Błyskowi tych ciemnych okularów nie sposób się oprzeć!

Program obowiązkowy – studio „Kino wolność”

„Studio Kino Wolność” to cykl rozmów Magdaleny Juszczyk („Program obowiązkowy”) z wybitnymi artystami kina o filmach, które w latach 70. i 80. torowały drogę do wolności, ale także o cenzurze, absurdach PRL i wspomnieniach z „pamiętnego roku 1989”. Wśród gości pojawią się m.in.: Joanna Szczepkowska, Andrzej Wajda, Jan Englert, Janusz Zaorski, Bogusław Linda, Maciej Drygas.

Gwiazdy na kanapie

Kino Polska Muzyka

Co godzinę gwiazdy przed kamerą Kino Polska Muzyka zapowiadają swoje ulubione piosenki, zdradzają artystyczne inspiracje i sypią anegdotami jak z rękawa. Na czerwonej muzycznej sofie w studiu KPM mieszczą się artyści różnych stylów i epok: Monika Brodka, Kayah, Reni Jusis, K.A.S.A, Martyna Jakubowicz, Varius Manx, Pectus, Kasia Kowalska, Papa D., Beata Kozidrak, Myslovitz, Big Day, Golden Life, Róże Europy i inni.

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We have worked, among others, with Roman Polański, Paweł Pawlikowski, Ken Loach and Wojciech Smarzowski. We were one of the first distribution companies to introduce arthouse films to Polish cinemas.


Tymek i Mistrz

Tymek i Mistrz

(in production)

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The Sound Girl

The Sound Girl

(in development)

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Komisarz Blond i Oko Sprawiedliwości

Komisarz Blond i Oko Sprawiedliwości (2014)

Od pełni do pełni

Od pełni do pełni (2014)

Włatcy Móch

Włatcy Móch (2009)

Wściekłe Pięści Węża

Wściekłe Pięści Węża (2006)

Sarnie Żniwo

Sarnie Żniwo (2006)

Wściekłe Pięści Węża 3

Wściekłe Pięści Węża 3 (2013)

Teraz ja

Teraz ja (2010)


1409 - Afera na zamku Bartenstein (2014)


Szaleńcy (2007)


Nakręceni (2007)

Koń Rafał

Koń Rafał

Blok Ekipa

Blok Ekipa

Bird Brain

Bird Brain

Jasne błękitne okna

Jasne błękitne okna (2006)


Chaos (2006)

Serce gór

Serce gór (2004)


Rzeź (2011)


Kobieta z piątej dzielnicy

Kobieta z piątej dzielnicy (2011)

The Woman in the Fifth

Sfora. Bez litości

Sfora. Bez litości (2002)


Wesele (2004)

Pamiętniki Florki

Pamiętnik Florki (2014)

Prosta historia o miłości

Prosta historia o miłości (2010)

Polak potrzebny od zaraz

Polak potrzebny od zaraz (2007)

It's a Free World...

Zabić bobra

Zabić bobra (2008)

Dom zły

Dom zły (2009)


Symetria (2003)



Teah (2007)


Futro (2007)


Gwiazda (2010)


Legenda (2006)

Portrety wojenne

Portrety wojenne (2014)


Currently, a significant part of our projects is centred on family cinema, where we successfully operate in the field of film production and distribution.


The Brothers Lionheart The Brothers Lionheart (1977)

Film (99')

Series (1977, 5x25')


The Brothers Lionheart
Nine years old Karl is gravely ill and he knows that he will soon die. His older brother, Jonathan, who wants to comfort him, tells him the story of Nangijali - a wonderful after land they will go to after their death. However, it is Jonathan who dies earlier in an attempt to save his brother from a fire in their apartment. Karl joins him later and they both find themselves in the fantasy land. There, as Brothers Lion heart, they join a group fighting against a tyrant - Tengil, who took over this wonderful land.

The Master Detective and Rasmus The Master Detective and Rasmus (1997)

Film (89')


The Master Detective and Rasmus
Kalle Blomkvist is a witty thirteen -year -old whose sole dream is to become a detective. He's suspicious of everything; he sees criminals and unsolved mysteries just about everywhere. His friends laugh at him, until Kalle finally has the opportunity to show off his detective abilities. In one of the dangerous adventures he is accompanied by little Rasmus.

The Master Detective Lives Dangerously The Master Detective Lives Dangerously (1996)

Film (85')


The Master Detective Lives Dangerously
While playing outside with her friends, Eva-Lotta accidentally comes across a dead man's body. Now her life is threatened with a great danger. Is Kalle Blomkvist capable of helping her and of solving mystery lying behind the crime?

Children of Bullerby Village Children of Bullerby Village (1986)

Film (91')

Series (1986, 7x25')


Children of Bullerby Village
There are only three farmhouses in a remote Swedish village of Bullerby and the film, set in the 1930’, tells the stories of its youngest citizens. Lisa and her brothers Lasse and Bosse live in one of the farmhouses, in the second her friends - sisters Britta and Anna, and in the third - Olle with his little sister Kerstin. The six kids have a wonderful time together, full of adventures and touching moments taking place in a perfect children's world.

Karlsson on the roof Karlsson on the roof (2002)

Animation (80')


Karlsson on the roof
Little Erik has a friend Karlsson who lives on the roof behind the chimney. Thanks to a little motor with a propeller on his back, Karlsson is able to fly. And although Erik's parents insist that he is only a figment of Erik's imagination, the boy believes that even if they are right, Karlsson is the best result of his own fantasies in the whole world!

You're out of your mind, Mardie You're out of your mind, Mardie (1979)

Film (103')


You're out of your mind, Mardie
Two sisters, Mardie and Lisabet, live in June Hill, where life is essentially the same as anywhere else, it is sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, but it is never boring.

Mardie on June Hill Mardie on June Hill (1980)

Film (82')


Mardie on June Hill
Two sisters, Mardie and Lisabet, live in June Hill, where life is essentially the same as anywhere else, it is sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, but it is never boring.

Nils Paluszek Simon Small Moves In (1990)

Film (72')

Series (1984, 3x25')


Simon Small Moves In
Bertil is a five- year-old boy who - in the course while his parents are at work - remains under the care of an old lady. One day, little Simon Small, who lives in the basement, asks Bertil for help in fighting with the rats. The boy's life changes dramatically when he is reduced to Simon’s size and together they proclaim war on the huge rodents.

Nowe przygody dzieci z Bullerbyn More About Children Of Bullerby Village (1987)

Film (95')


More About Children Of Bullerby Village
Continuation of the adventures of six children who live in a picturesque Bullerby Village in Sweden. After the holidays - Lissa, Bosse, Lasse, Anna, Britta and Ole go back to school. The winter is soon to come and the kids cannot wait for the Christmas.

Jerry Maya's Detective Agency Jerry Maya's Detective Agency. Von Broms' Secret (2013)

Film (80')


Jerry Maya's Detective Agency. Von Broms' Secret
Detective duo Jerry and Maya find a mysterious chest that has been hidden for 250 years and that seems impossible to open. Things are further complicated when the chest suddenly gets stolen, and someone starts pinching the von Broms descendents’ gold family rings. Is it one of them trying to seize the entire inheritance for himself? And what actually happened to the fourth ring, the one that disappeared along with its bearer some thirty years ago?

Jerry Maya's Detective Agency Jerry Maya's Detective Agency 2. Shadows of Valleby (2014)

Film (80')


Jerry Maya's Detective Agency 2. Shadows of Valleby
Valleby’s police station is threatened with closure. When the venerable Granat auction house comes to visit, Jerry and Maya see their chance to show Valleby what its police authority is made of, thereby saving the police station. With five newly installed alarms, and round-the-clock surveillance of the auctions house’s priceless treasures, Jerry Mayas’s Detective Agency is going to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Jerry Maya's Detective Agency Jerry Maya's Detective Agency 3. Stella Nostra (2014)

Film (80')


Jerry Maya's Detective Agency 3. Stella Nostra
In the little village of Valleby, preparations for the upcoming wedding between café owners Dino Panini and Sara Bernard are in full swing. Dino Panini’s family has just arrived from Sicily, and the detective duo, Lasse and Maja, is of course on hand to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Rasmus i włóczęga Rasmus And The Vagabond (1981)

Film (105')

Series (1986, 4x25')


Rasmus And The Vagabond
Nine years old Rasmus lives in an orphanage. Even though his life there is not so bad, Rasmus dreams about having parents. But the childless couples, who occasionally appear in the orphanage, usually choose girls. Tired of waiting, Rasmus decides to leave the orphanage, and find parents for himself on his own. Soon, the boy meets a certain vagabond and together they take on an adventurous journey.

Ronja, córka zbójnika Ronia The Robber's Daughter (1984)

Film (126')

Series (1984, 5x25')


Ronia The Robber's Daughter
At the time, when Ronia was born, a terrible storm raged the night and a lightning struck her father Matt's keep in two. But the robber was so pleased with the birth of his child, and did not even notice the damage done. For behold, she is his future successor which his enemy - Borka could not boast of. Unfortunately, Matt was wrong. On the same night, Borka’s son Birk was also born. Time passes by; the children grow up fast and make friends.

1409 - Afera na zamku Bartenstein 1409 - The Bartenstein Castle Affair (2005)

Film (75')


1409 - The Bartenstein Castle Affair
On the outskirts of the great Teutonic Knights’ monastic state, there dwells a small, run-down castle called Bartenstein. Its residents are a bunch of extremely exceptional Teutonic Knights. Their swords are deadly ... but to them only. In the vicinity of the castle, a village of clever craftsmen is thriving and the forests seem to be infested by prowling Polish-Lithuanian partisans. The search for an ancient Prussian treasure coincides with an unforeseen visit of the Grand Master accompanied by one more unexpected visitor...

Chaos Chaos (2006)

Film (124')


This is a world in a constant and hectic motion and three brothers fully immersed in it. For each of them the rites of passage into adulthood will be different. They look for own recipes for happiness. Sławek, a wealthy lawyer, does not want to live a lie in order to climb the career ladder. Blondas is willing to kill anyone in order to improve the standard of living of his family. Niki, an anarchist, wants to change the world, but apparently, he is only fighting for the sake of his own happiness. Each brother approaches the harsh realities of Polish society in different ways but they are all bound by dreams of a better life. They only different by the road they take to achieve their aims.

Łowcy skór The Skin Hunters (2003)

Film (89')


The Skin Hunters
Piotr, a young journalist, falls off a horse and is taken by ambulance to the hospital. His friend Marek, who witnessed the accident, sets off for after the ambulance. Surprisingly, Piotr dies on the way. Marek while trying to figure out why it ever happened finds himself on the trail of a great scandal. Was Piotr murdered? Is Marek's life also in danger?
The film is based on real life events which happened in Łódź emergency service.

Teraz ja It's Me Now (2004)

Film (90')


It's Me Now
One day a young woman, Hanka, goes out to a nearby shop and never comes back home. Instead, she gets on a school tour bus and just leaves. Her partner begins to ask after her - first in the neighborhood, among friends, but then he reports her missing at the police station. The two characters take their own journeys, she - running away from him and him - trying to find her.

Teah Teah (2007)

Film (87')


Martin is not an ordinary boy. On his 10th birthday something strange starts to happen to him. The magical forest he lives in is breached by anxiety. A pair of visitors comes to Martin's house. One of them is Teah, a girl Martin’s age ...

Ciało The Body (2003)

Film (95')


The Body
A petty thief travelling by train finds by accident a dead man's body. Not wanting to report the finding to the police, he decides to get rid of the body on his own...

Szaleńcy The Madmen (2007)

Film (83')


The Madmen
Two young men run from a mental hospital. They have to give back the money embezzled by one of them in the past and only two days to accomplish the goal. On their way, they overcome many obstacles and meet different people who involve them in their personal affairs. Such confrontation with the "real life" does not come easily for the characters. Eventually, we get to know the real reasons behind their stay in the mental hospital.

Serce gór The Heart of the Mountains (2004)

Film (73')


The Heart of the Mountains
A young merchant, Duncan (Tomasz Bednarek) is heading back home with an expedition which bought out a sacred stone called "The Heart of the Mountains” from the infidels. Duncan misses dearly his loving wife, Heather (Olga Bończyk). During the welcome feast, taking place in honor of the happy return of the expedition, the village is attacked by Skaar's people (Michał Żurawski), who steals the stone and abducts beautiful Heather. Duncan wants to set off alone to get his wife back but the village Druid advises him to ask Weronar (Radoslaw Pazura) for help, Heather’s brother, who for unknown reasons, was sentenced to exile. Duncan agrees, but not everything goes the way he wants it....

Wściekłe pięści Węża Furious Snake's Fists (2006)

Film (72')


Furious Snake's Fists
Furious Snake decides to avenge his brother, but until he finally achieves his goal he must face all around him. Daring battle scenes, unique special effects and the cream of the crop acting - this film will get to you every time you watch it and sheds light on new possibilities for interpretation......

Wściekłe pięści Węża 3 Furious Snake's Fists 3 (2006)

Film (53')


Furious Snake's Fists 3
Furious Snake returns ..... though in a very passable shape. This time he will have to avenge his brother's death and face a military Cyborg which escaped the convoy. As usual, the sixteen Twins Brothers will stand in his way. Will he get his revenge?! Will he survive?! And maybe he’ll die as he did in the second part?! This time ketchup is shed in the HD quality!

Blok Ekpia The Chavs from the Block

Web series


The Chavs from the Block
This is a true Internet hit. A series of a potential to conquer the hearts of audiences of all ages. Walo, Spejson and Wojtas are the nylon knights who have this special gift of the gab. The chavs drink beer labeled Boar, wear only Nike and listen to the heaviest Polish rap performed by, among others, the Figo-Fago Brothers. Bartosz Walaszek is the first one ever to portray the Polish reality in such a frank way.

Koń Rafał Ralf the Horse

Web series


Ralf the Horse
A truly remarkable character, already boasting a cult status. He has celebrated his triumphs on TV, and now intensively "rumbles" on YouTube. Ralf doesn’t control his out-fucking- standing awesomeness. He spends all his days on farting and unthinking. In addition, in accordance with the real horse's sensitivity, he grasps perfectly the abstractness of the world in a horse Ralf - like way...

Adwersaries Adversaries

Web series


In the beginning were a Banana and a Mon-key. This duo is certainly getting along well. The Banana is a smoothie and a flasher, and the Mon-key undergoes a midlife crisis and wants to destroy the person in the yellow suit. The true motives are unclear to us, and all we know is that where two dogs strive for a bone, the third one …… shits. In addition, the Banana regularly shags Mrs. Banana and they often peel themselves off.

1812 - Ułańska ballada 1812 (2013)

Film (98')


It is 1812. On the eve of the decisive battle of Borodino, Napoleon's secret agent, known as Kutuzov, manages to steal the battle plans which are to be provided to Poland, where at the same time Napoleon is having an affair with the Countess Walewski.

Ironclad 2: Battle for blood Ironclad 2: Battle for blood (2014)

Film (103')


Ironclad 2: Battle for blood
It's 1216, just one year after the battle at Rochester Castle, and a new enemy threatens English life that's far more terrifying than King John - bands of Celtic raiders, stealing livestock and killing anyone who gets in their way. After the death of his father at the hands of these raiders, Hubert is determined to defeat them, once and for all. He seeks out his cousin Guy, one of the heroes of Rochester castle, for help. Guy is no longer the naive idealist he once was, but a hardened sword-for-hire... Hubert finds him in a whorehouse, drunk and disillusioned, and only willing to raise his sword for money. A survivor of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to save his clan from from Celtic raiders. A sequel to the 2011 film, "Ironclad."

Jungle Jungle

Film (83')


In the film Sergei (Sergei Svetlakov) and Marina (Vera Brezhneva) are in the middle of a marital crisis. To save the marriage, Marina persuades her husband to go on a cruise with her. The couple continues to bicker and quarrel throughout the trip and eventually end up on a desert island. Instead of working together to survive, the protagonists keep on fighting. The tension increases, finally developing into a fully fledged battle between the two. Only when they learn that the island is inhabited by an ancient tribe of warring aborigines do they combine their efforts to save their own lives and return home.


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